The Grift

Who sees you? The serpent whispers, "I see you. And for a Like and Subscribe, I will leather every hide with my free speech."

Joshua Idehem is poet, musician, critic, and founder of the poetry group PIP (A Poem Between People). Recognized as one of the most famous slammers in the United Kingdom, Joshua interprets his original poem, “The Grift”, for the RETHINK project. “The Grift” is a poem about the slow spread of fascism in Europe, through the voice of a snake, whose poison enchants the most vulnerable with a discourse of power and hate.

Do good, out of evil

This is the phrase that Fabian Wichmann uses to describe his work at “EXIT Germany” where he creates campaigns which put Neo-Nazis in absurd and contradictory situations. Fabien fights against the dangerous spread of hate messages on the internet and informs us about how we can confront them in order to build a more democratic society.

Fabian Wichmann works for the “ZDK Gesellschaft Demokratische Kultur gGmbH” in Berlin. As a member of “EXIT Germany” he supports those who want to leave extreme right groups and is responsible for several campaigns on social networks.


Falk Isernhagen – Testimony of a Former Extremist

Falk Isernhagen is 26 years old and turned into a neo-Nazi when he was fourteen. Away from far-right groups, he tells how he was manipulated by older high school colleagues to join extremist groups. Falk has a mission: to help get out of those who are still inside, and it is very easy to get in, but it is very difficult to get out.

About the campaign

The campaign’s main objective is to present the real consequences of violent extremist groups related to far-right, and to disseminate a narrative of resilience and self-overcoming: a former extremist can start a new life.

Consequently, the main objective of the campaign is also to demystify the idea that violence associated with far-right is seductive. Hence, the primary purpose is to demonstrate what violence is and how traumatizing it can be. Some recurrent themes are the ideology of violent far-right, the trauma and the scars of violence, the recovery and self-overcoming.

Expected results of the campaign:
- Individuals are interested in topics related to the ideology of the far-right and decide not to go further in a process of violence because of the doubt that the campaign intends to create.
- Individuals that interact critically with the contents of the campaign, through sustainable messages and comments.
- Individuals more resilient to manipulation tactics by violent far-right groups, including information manipulation, emotional manipulation, or recruitment.


Help the World

The campaign aims at demonstrating the personal risks and the real consequences of violence caused by violent far-right movements. Our campaign is not only a campaign but a social movement which aims at replicating positive insights about fundamental rights, democracy and open society. Under the motto “raise your voice against extremist violence”, you will have the opportunity to have active participation in our campaign. The fundamental question should then be: how can you be an activist to help us spreading this campaign? Your activism includes but is not limited to sending us your narratives (text, film, media) if connected to the campaign’s main topics.